Established in 1998, Reddish Vale Farm is a family run business. With BHS qualified instructors and friendly ponies and horses, our horse riding school is fantastic for beginner, novice and intermediate riders.

Riding Lesson Options

  • All lessons must be paid for upon booking
  • The maximum weight for riders is 12 stone (riders will be weighed at our discretion)

Walkouts – Every Saturday between 9.30-1.00 £12 for half an hour

All children who begin their riding tuition at Reddish Vale Farm start on our walkout lessons. These lessons are group lessons, each pony has a leader leading the pony and there is an instructor to the whole group. All children are insured from 4 years.

  • To establish balance
  • To increase confidence
  • To hold the reins correctly
  • To maintain the child’s interest
  • The aids for walk
  • The aids for trot
  • The ability to direct the pony
  • The embellishment of a rhythmic rising trot.

Once your child is competent at the above they may then progress onto lessons in the ménage. We have decided to introduce progressive level system to provide an incentive for improvement, and a means by which our instructors may monitor each child’s progression.

The walkouts will cover level one through to level five, after which the child will be considered for transition to the ménage. The content of each level is displayed on the notice board. Once the child has grasped and developed the skills within the level, they will be awarded a certificate to mark their achievement.

Menage Every Saturday between
9.30-2.00 and £14 for half an hour

After progressing from walkout lessons, a child will move into a group lesson in the ménage where they will ride independently, taught by one of our qualified instructors.

In the ménage, a child will begin working towards the higher levels. Level six through to level ten are achieved in the ménage and these include skills such as cantering and drill riding.

As the child progresses through these levels they will receive certificates for their achievements. Ménage lessons are fun, challenging and rewarding. Details of the new level system are on the notice board outside the tack room.

Private Lessons / Semi Private

Between Tuesday and Friday 4.00-7.00 Private lessons £25 for half an hour/Semi private lessons £18 for half an hour.

Our midweek private lessons are for adults and children in which you will receive one on one tuition with one of our instructors. Private lessons are a fantastic way to build confidence in horse riding and progress at a rapid rate, building the skills you need to reach the higher levels. These lessons are from 4.00pm- 7.00pm Tuesday-Friday. However, the places for private lessons are in high demand and there is limited availability.

All lessons must be paid for upon booking
The maximum weight for riders is 12 stone (riders may be weighed at our discretion)

What to wear

Please ensure the rider wears suitable clothing i.e. long trousers, long sleeved top (even in hot weather), shoe or boots with a small square heel. Trainers are NOT suitable. We will fit a riding hat and body protector to each rider. Watches and jewellery should be removed before riding.
All riders must wear a riding hat approved to current standard of PAS 015 whenever participating in riding activities, whilst leading, mounting/dismounting and riding, hats should be securely fastened at all times.

Cancellation Policy

If less than 48 hours’ notice has been given, the full fee will be charged. When cancelling a lesson you will be given a cancellation number, this will be your proof what time you cancelled (please remember your number.)

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are now available to purchase, please call the office on 0161 480 1645 for further information.


Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the planned start time of your/your child’s lesson. If you arrive late for a lesson, you will NOT be allowed to join the lessons and you will still be charged.

Stable Management Courses

Stable Management Courses are run for children who are looking to develop their knowledge on how to care for a horse they are aimed at children 6years+. We run the courses for children who attend our riding school only and our friendly qualified instructors are always on hand to provide constant supervision and assistance. Stable Management Courses run every school holidays on a Thursday 10am-3pm and are £35 for the day. The children learn how to muck out/fill hay nets and ride for 45 minutes in the ménage and work their way through our Stable Managements levels 1-14 which cover;

  • Grooming
  • Different Types of Headcollars and Leading
  • Tacking up a Pony Correctly with its Saddle and Bridle
  • Different types of bedding and how to muck them out
  • Lunging
  • Feeding & Watering
  • Grassland Management
  • Worming